Liberal MP Fiona Martin denies mixing up Asian Australian candidates in debate with Sally Sitou

Federal Labor candidate for Reid, Sally Sitou (left), wants an apology from Liberal MP Fiona Martin. Composite: Sally Sitou / AAP

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Opinion by: Anka Sahin

It’s an oft-repeated cliché among certain circles that ALL Asians/Blacks/Arabs/Latinos/[Insert minority group of choice] look alike.

It being 2022, most people who believe this lazy and baseless generalisation are somewhat reluctant to state it publicly. Don’t think for a moment that it has disappeared though. When they feel safe enough and believe themselves to be amongst their own, the beans will spill.

Sometimes they will get caught out. Their laziness combined with their bias will give them away.

Here’s the latest. An LPA MP, whom I will not name for reasons my followers will be well aware, has publicly confused the ALP candidate for Reid, Sally Sitou, with Tu Le, briefly considered by the ALP for Fowler and then passed over for a parachutee from the rich northern suburbs.

Sally Sitou is not running in Fowler and she is not even of Vietnamese origin. Unlike the LPA MP, she actually lives in her electorate Reid.

To add further insult to injury, the LPA MP apparently kept asking Sally where she grew up.

This is an old trick often employed by some native-born Anglos and a trap that native-born people from minority groups also fall into from time to time in an attempt to justify their existence.

Talking about where they were born, grew up, went to school etc., they try to differentiate themselves from more recent Australians creating the false impression that the latter are somehow ‘less Australian’ than them.

Well, it’s not 1980 anymore and we won’t stand for it.

They can take their insinuations and carefully place them where the sun is a rare commodity.

If the Parliament of Australia were more reflective of the Australian society at large, perhaps we wouldn’t see blunders like this as often.


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